Henry Golding’s newly-pregnant wife Liv Lo shares heartbreaking past miscarriage

Liv Lo and Henry Golding

Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding and his wife, model-TV presenter Liv Lo, announced in early November they were expecting their first child.

But prior to the joyous baby news, Lo, 35, recently revealed on her website she suffered a miscarriage early this year.

“On Jan 1, 2020, nine years after we met, we found out we were pregnant! It felt like divine timing,” she wrote on Dec 20.

Lo then went about her routine until her next doctor’s appointment on the 10th week of her pregnancy. “Besides a few tummy aches, I was feeling good otherwise.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. “It was painful that our baby didn’t have a heartbeat on the first scan. Our fertility doctor, Dr Andy Huang, explained that a miscarriage means that I am not infertile, but a bad egg got fertilised.”

Lo also recalls she and Golding had to deal with the news of the miscarriage away from each other.

“With Henry still in production, I set up an appointment to have the missed abortion procedure in the coming days. Even with friends in LA to support me, going through the process on my own, and then catching up with him in Tokyo meant that he was left out of the emotional journey.

“All I needed was a big hug after the procedure, but having to wait a week to travel across the world to catch up to each other was pretty traumatic for me.”

Lo, who runs a health and wellness website, spent the next few months recuperating before trying again.

“Even while feeling low and unsure in this process I made sure to comfort and heal my body through daily meditation, breath work, sound healing, home-cooked food and regular exercise.”

The couple became pregnant again in June, but decided to keep the news to themselves first.

“Because of our past miscarriage, we kept the news private until we hit 20 weeks and we were fully in the clear.”

She also gave an update on how she’s currently feeling: “I consider myself extremely lucky to have not had many physical difficulties with this pregnancy so far.”


Source: The Star


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