China rejects Taiwan’s peace talk offer as ‘cheap trick’

TSAI ING-WEN, President of Taiwan, referred to ongoing tensions in the Taiwan Strait between the two countries in a national address on January 1. She said Taiwan would be “willing to facilitate meaningful dialogue” with Beijing, provided China shared its interest in improving relations.

It comes after a year in which Chinese military aircraft have repeatedly been spotted entering Taiwan’s air defence identification zone.

Chinese officials have referred to Taiwan as “an inseparable part of Chinese territory” – though analysts say the country is effectively independent.

Ms Tsai said on Friday morning: “From a global strategic standpoint, Taiwan is more important than ever. Stabilizing relations across the Taiwan Strait is no longer just an issue for the two sides.

“It is a concern for the whole Indo-Pacific region and has already become a focus of international attention.

“Over the past year, military aircraft and naval vessels from across the strait have been active around Taiwan.

“I want to reaffirm that in dealing with cross-strait relations, we will uphold our principles and not act rashly.

“We are willing to facilitate meaningful dialogue under the principles of parity and dignity as long as the Beijing authorities sincerely want to resolve differences and improve cross-strait relations.”

However, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office hit back at the statement, criticising Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for “seeking independence”.

The Office claimed the DPP had been “deliberately creating confrontation across the Taiwan Strait” and added: “We urge the DPP authorities to stop it with these cheap tricks that dupe people”, according to Reuters.

While China has blasted any independence movements within Taiwan, Beijing officials have also hit out at the country’s formal relations with the US this year.

On a number of occasions this year US officials have been flown to Taipei, including Washington’s Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

In a statement from the HHS, the US Government body said Mr Azar and Ms Tsai “discussed the ways the Trump Administration has strengthened the partnership between Taiwan and the United States, noting this visit highlights Taiwan’s success on health and combating COVID-19, the long-standing cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, and the democratic values shared.”

Zhao Lijian, Beijing’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, warned Taiwan was on a “misguided course” regarding independence following the meeting.

He also warned that “China firmly opposes official exchanges between the US and Taiwan under whatever pretext” and added: “Those playing with fire will end up burning themselves badly.”

Source: Express
Photo: taiwannews.com.tw


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