Outfits from ‘Sex And The City’ that are relevant in 2021

Fashion trends always come back in style eventually.

As the popular 90s show gears up for a reboot, we can’t help but wonder if Carrie and the girls can recreate the same sartorial magic. Fashion from Sex And The City, here we go. Fashion always makes a comeback. This time it is in the form of New York’s favourite It-girls, as popular for their fashion as they were for their free-spiritedness, returning to the small screen for a 10-episode series titled “And Just Like That”.

Sex And The City may have been off the screen for over 17 years yet its fan base has remained steady — be it the fashion or the sex advice, the show has created a special space for itself. Even as the girls in question will now be in their 50s and the promiscuous Samantha Jones/Kim Cattrall will be missing from the show, we can’t help but feel excited about the styling possibilities the show offers. Here’s a look at the SATC fashion we think is still relevant today.

Tie and dye

The fabric dyeing technique skyrocketed into prominence and became the lockdown uniform for many loungewear lovers. Come 2021, it’s time to elevate the look à la Carrie with 90s capris, bandanas, and of course stilettos.

Genderless garments

Miranda Hobbes (or even Cynthia Nixon) is a true supporter of gender equality and fashion as means of self-expression with her plethora of smart suits. In 2021, we are no longer borrowing from men — our outfits are now genderless and coveted by men themselves.

Sustainable fashion

Take cue from Miranda’s ‘stop using plastic bags’ cloth bag to remind yourself that recycle, reduce, and reuse is the mantra for the year ahead.

Skirt suits

Done and dusted with power suits — we are stepping into 2021 with skirt suits. Sharp, feminine and suitable for ‘drinks at Vogue’, invest in tailored pieces inspired by your favourite writer.

Bold neons

If there is one character that doesn’t shy away from wearing bold hues, it’s Samantha Jones. And when it comes to neons, the brighter the better. While Samantha might be absent from the new season, there is no reason for you to skip that pop of parrot green or bubblegum pink in your spring wardrobe.

3D embellished flowers

With spring in our step, we can’t help but wonder how to incorporate flowers into our wardrobes. Are wispy 3D florals the way to go or should we opt for oversized floral prints? Carrie with her wide gamut of choices from a delicate flower bomber jacket to a bold D&G printed dress, is definitely no help.


Tighten your corsets and slip into your satin gloves as Victorian elements make a comeback courtesy Netflix’s period drama ‘Bridgerton’. Take cue from SATC on how to imbibe these elements into a modern-day wardrobe.

Underwire-cut tops

Much before we embraced crop tops with an underwire-cut, Carrie was out there casually showing her modified shirt and bra combination and extremely chiselled abs. Shop for the risque trend or simply innovate like Carrie.


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