Norizam slammed for saying Msia’s world ranking ‘shameful’

KELANTAN FC owner Norizam Tukiman is said to be “off target” in hurling accusations at the FA of Malaysia (FAM).

Sports analyst Dr Pekan Ramli pointed out that the national team ranking’s world ranking has been improving and not “shameful” as claimed by Norizam.

“If we look at the national team’s ranking from 1993, there was a decline.

“But from 2018 until 2021, Malaysia’s ranking has gone up from World No 178 to 153 in just two to three years,” said Pekan yesterday.

Norizam had said on his Facebook page earlier this week that Malaysia’s current 153rd world ranking was “shameful” and he asked, “who manages and runs the country’s football.”

However, Pekan felt that Norizam, in making a comparison of Malaysia’s current world ranking (153rd) to that of 1993 (when Malaysia was ranked World No 75), has questioned FAM’s leadership from 1994 until now.

The past presidents of FAM include the late Sultan Ahmad Shah Sultan Abu Bakar (1984-2014), the current Agong, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (2014-2017), the Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (2017-2018) and Datuk Hamidin Amin (2018 till now).

He said while admittedly, Harimau Malaya’s world ranking has had its ups and downs, they have been moving in an upward curve in the past couple of years.

“So, to say that the national team’s ranking is declining is inaccurate and factually incorrect.

“Furthermore, based on Fifa’s current ranking points system, it is tough for us to jump straight to the top 100, which is impossible.”

Pekan, who is also the Education Ministry’s Sports Section head, said all parties, especially Norizam, need to base their views on facts and realistic situations.

“For now, the national team have no matches because of all the uncertainties. But if we look at 2018-2021, Harimau Malaya’s ranking went up 14 spots especially based on the World Cup/Asian Cup qualifiers.

“In this matter, Norizam is advised not to jump the gun when it comes to the national team’s ranking. Don’t pukul anak, sindir menantu.

“Based on the rise in ranking, I see that the national team are on the right path to achieving the F:30 (roadmap) mission and with the efforts to improve on performance and match quality, it’s not impossible Malaysia’s ranking will continue to rise.

“We can’t live in the shadows of the past, we need to see what we have, and work together to improve Harimau Malaya’s momentum,” he added.


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