Shopee: Non-groceries post higher growth

THE reinforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has seen Malaysians actively buying tech goods and home improvement tools on Shopee.

This is on top of the growing demand for face masks and dry, processed, fresh and frozen foods, as well as health and cleaning products this time around.

During the initial MCO in March last year, the e-commerce platform’s spike in orders were dominated by the purchases of daily essentials such as food, face masks and hand sanitisers.

Shopee Malaysia regional MD Ian Ho explained that this is likely because Malaysians are now more prepared and know what to expect during the MCO.

“Unlike the previous MCO where daily essentials accounted for the bulk of the orders on our platform, this time around, the data revealed that Malaysians are also purchasing items to adapt to working and/or studying remotely, as well as to spruce up their homes.

“While the platform recorded strong overall growth, the quantum of growth recorded for the non-groceries categories appear to be higher,” he said in a statement yesterday.

According to Shopee’s consumers buying trend data on the first five days of MCO 2.0, five times more snacks such as biscuits, chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, and “keropok” amounted to half a million units purchased.

Shopee also noted that demand for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits almost doubled to 85,000 units sold.

Similarly, the demand for pet food and treats tripled with over 330,000 units sold.

With consumers spending more time at home, home improvement projects appear to be prevalent as home decor products recorded an eight times uplift to over 900,000 items sold.

“As working adults and students adapt further into working and studying remotely, it is not surprising that Malaysians are on the lookout for consumer tech goods,” Shopee said.

Items such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, network components, keyboards, printers and audio systems saw a growth of 41⁄2 times to over 550,000 units sold.

Malaysians also turned to Shopee to source for affordable Internet connectivity solutions this time round to increase bandwidth at home, whereby the YES Kasi Up SIM cards saw close to 20,000 uptakes in five days.

With the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations, Shopee observed that the festive shopping spirit remains undaunted.

Products like 100 Plus, CNY decorations, “bakkwa”, bird’s nest, abalone, “ox family” matching T-shirts and cheongsam appeared as the top 30 keyword searches among those celebrating the CNY.

Shopee said these searches will only trend upward, especially with the launch of Shopee’s 2.2 CNY Sale starting from Jan 18 until Feb 13.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve


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