Your favourite gym studios in KL are going virtual

If you hate the idea of working out alone, then you should be glad the best gym studios in KL are here to help you stay fit from the comfort of your own home with burning live sessions. 

With the MCO (Movement Control Order) back in full swing, our daily routine may feel restricted just when we were about to adapt to our newly-changed schedule. However, if you have wellness as a part of your life, then you should know that these next few weeks leaves you with no excuse to ditch your daily sweat session routine. For those who enjoy being in group classes, you’re in for a real treat because these local gyms are here to help you maintain that motivating energy. Staying home does have its perks, but staying true to your fitness regimen is what you need to remain positive, physically and mentally. 

If you’re reading this after a long day and need a little burn to leave the stress behind, then we think it’s time to get your heart rate up. Scroll down and see what gyms are offering virtual classes based on your fitness hobbies below.

Indoor Cycling

Journey Cycling Studio is no stranger to the spin community. This newly-opened studio in Bukit Damansara is widely known for its warm community, crazy energy, and motivating instructors. If you’ve been a fan of Syed Harris or Julia Van Der Drift, then you would know just how exhilarating their energies are on the bike. If you have an indoor bike or is planning to rent from the studio, you can join in the fun and clip in every day with the virtual rides at home. Check out more by emailing the studio about renting and book your class packages online or on ClassPass.


If you’re looking for a core burner, The Flow Studio has something in store for you. Get ready to whip out your mats and weights ready, because the Core Sculpt Pilates class is a must-try class for a full-body workout. In 50-minutes, you’ll be incorporating your favourite pilates move to get that obliques, sculpt, and booty working. 

Class packages are available online and on Classpass.


If you are not entirely familiar with barre, think about combining ballet, yoga, and pilates all-in-one. Using the barre as a prop, you’ll be focusing on targeting your muscles and strength in this fun-packed session. At Urban Spring Pilates, you’ll find yourself in the Xtend Barre class. Don’t get intimidated by the name but instead, try it out as a challenge. 

Class packages are available for purchase online and on Classpass.  


Sometimes all you need is to wind down by dedicating an hour from your busy schedule to relax the mind and soul. If yoga is your type of fitness hobby, Damai Studio is here for you. You’ll find various practices from Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork with Yoga flow and so much more. Find out which class fits your liking by booking a spot today. 

Class packages are available for purchase online and on Classpass.  


We know it’s tough not being in the studio surrounded with your mates and punching bags. For the time being, you can still get your cardio fix and release that tension with Tribe Studio’s shadowboxing class. Determined to keep that strive going, you can pick between the Signature Online Shadow Boxing class or the Personal Training Programs. For 50 minutes, the time is now or never. 

Class packages are available online and on Classpass. 

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