What causes bad breath and what can we do about it?

Almost everyone experiences bad breath once in a while… But for some people, bad breath is a daily problem and they struggle to find a solution. 

Bad breath can originate from inside and outside of the mouth and is typically caused by bacteria present on the teeth and debris on the tongue. So, it’s no surprise that most cases of bad breath are associated with poor oral hygiene. 

Here are some helpful tips to improve bad breath, according to the Harvard Health Publishing. 

#1 Brush your teeth at least twice a day, after meals, with a fluoride toothpaste

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#2 Avoid smoking!

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#3 Rinse and gargle with an alcohol-free mouthwash before bed

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#4 If you have a dry mouth, make sure to drink enough fluids throughout the day and use over-the-counter moisturizing agents, such as a dry mouth spray, rinses, or dry mouth moisturizing gel.

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If you don’t see any improvement, you may want to schedule a visit with an oral medicine specialist. 

#5 Visit your dentist regularly! 

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Remember, oral causes are responsible for most cases of bad breath!

For even more effective results, you can also start using a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth and before you gargle with mouthwash.Image result for taking care of tongue

And of course, drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dry mouth.


If breath odor persists, despite controlling these factors, it is recommended that you visit a dentist or a doctor for further tests to rule out other conditions.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat

This article was first published in : Syok


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