COVID-19 vaccine will (finally!) be available to M’sians in March; here’s the schedule and how to register

Looks like Malaysia will finally be getting the much-awaited COVID-19 vaccine in March. 

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is in charge of the inoculation programme, said that you would have register first in order to receive the vaccine. 

How to register

1) MySejahtera App

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Since most people with a smartphone and internet connection already use this app, it’s probably the easiest way to register to receive the vaccine. Once you get vaccinated, you’ll get something like a certificate on the app to show that you’re safe. We don’t see the “register” option on MySejahtera app yet but we sure hope it’ll be there soon.

2) COVID-19 JKJAV website

The prime minister is expected to launch a website by Special Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee Committee (JKJAV) next week where those without the MySejahtera App can register to get vaccinated.

3) Hotline phone number

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Another work in progress; a hotline will be created to help those without a smartphone to register for the vaccine.

4) Manually

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You can also walk in to any government Klinik Kesihatan, hospital and private clinic to register. 

5) House calls

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For those living in rural areas, especially for those above the age of 60, house calls will be made by government representatives to get the vulnerable registered. 

The schedule


There are three phases to the vaccination programme in the country. 

The first being 500,000 vaccines for frontliners including healthcare officials, police and others that will begin in March and end in April. 

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will be getting the first dose to give the people confidence in the vaccine used.

The second phase will involve people above the age of 60 and with pre-existing conditions which makes them more susseptible to COVID-19. This will start in April and end in August. 


The third and last phase will involve adults above the age of 18 and will be administered between May 2021 and February 2022.

The government is expecting to vaccinate more than 80 percent of the Malaysian population in order to achieve herd immunity. 

Foreigners, including undocumented ones, will also be vaccinated.


Will life be back to normal?

Does this mean that you can start living life as it it were pre-COVID times after you’re vaccinated? NO!

Although you will be relatively safe once you’ve been vaccinated against the virus, you will not be entirely safe until herd immunity is achieved. 

This can only happen when most Malaysians, and the world population, have gotten the vaccines. 

Till then, continue to wear your masks, wash or sanitise hands often and maintain physical distancing. 

This article was first published in : Rojak Daily


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