Astro introduces the Ulti Box, a cheaper WiFi connected set-top-box without 4K

Pay TV operator Astro has introduced the Ulti Box, its latest connected set-top-box which is positioned as a more affordable alternative to its current 4K UHD capable Ultra Box. The Ulti Box pushes HD content and it supports WiFi connectivity.


According to Astro, existing customers with older decoders can upgrade to the Ulti Box with a one-time installation fee RM49. Meanwhile, it will cost RM99 for new customers.


The Ulti Box also features Astro’s new UI and you can search for your show title, actor, or director name with your remote control. Similar to the Ultra Box, you’ll get access to Video-on-Demand (VOD) content, cloud recording and the Play From Start function. For the best online-based experience, Astro recommends a WiFi connectivity of at least 10Mbps. According to Astro, the Ulti Box supports a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p.


With the Astro Go installed your smartphone, you can also enjoy multi-screen viewing. The app also allows you to continue watching your shows from where you left off on your smartphone.

By default, the Ulti Box comes with 200 hours of cloud storage. If you need more, you can get an additional 400 hours for RM12/month or 1,500 hours for RM15/month.


For greater savings, the Pay TV provider is also offering the Astro + Broadband combo where customers can get 100Mbps broadband and up to 102 channels from as low as RM6/day.

For more info, you can visit Astro’s Ulti Box page. You can also check out the user manual here.

This article was first published in : Soya Cincau


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