Korea famous 32 Parfait is opening its first outlet in Malaysia at Bukit Bintang

Buckle up peeps as we’re about to transport you to the land of kimchi! If you’ve been to Myeongdong, Korea, you might have tried the Internet-famous 32cm tall swirling ice cream cones. Good news, the popular 32 Parfait is opening its first outlet in Malaysia, right at Bukit Bintang! Since we ain’t going nowhere, let them bring Korea to you!

Internet-Famous Korean 32cm Tall Ice Cream is Opening Its First Outlet in Malaysia at Bukit Bintang:May be an image of icecream and text that says 'Tongdae 부산 Busan 통영 Tongyeong 요거블루 YOGURTBLUE 酸奶蓝莓 녹차 GREENTEA 绿茶 바닐라 VANILLA 香草 초코 CHOCOLATE 巧克力 바닐라초코 VANILLACHOCO 番拿巧克力 딸기 STRAWBERRY 草莓 망고 MANGO 芒果 First international outlet outside Korea Opening Soon Lot 10, Bukit Bintang by Bubble Pop Sdn Bhd 我 大馬美食!'

Started in Myeongdong, 32 Parfait quickly rose to fame for its unique selling point, a 32cm tall ice cream cone that is 3 times taller than a regular ice cream! You guys no longer have to travel to Korea to have a taste of it as they’re expanding their wings to Malaysia.

Photo: @xannaa (Instagram)


Photo: @ashanywhere (Instagram)

The first outlet in Malaysia is set to open in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, right opposite of DON DON DONKI. They’re currently still under renovation, so be patient and stay tuned for more updates. For now, let us take a look at this aesthetically pleasing ice cream that is bigger than our head.

Photo: @flowerlily629 (Instagram)

Comes in a variety of flavors, we can’t wait for their official launch! We have a question though: Will we be able to finish off the ice cream before it completely melts given the scorching hot weather in Malaysia? Guess we’ll figure out when 32 Parfait opens its doors. Don’t forget to share this exciting news out to your sweet tooth friends, take care, and buh bye!

Source: KL Foodie


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