Ready to travel again? Here are the latest COVID-19 Travel FAQs at the airports.

The safety of passengers is MAHB main priority. The airports are ready to accommodate the increase of passenger traffic with the strictest compliance to the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Airports front liners are on the ground to help passengers and ensure the processes at each touchpoint are carried out efficiently.

The airport operator reminds all passengers to also play their part in adhering to the new norms of travelling, by wearing face masks, practising physical distance and frequently sanitise and wash their hands.

Check out these FAQS:

1. Meeters and Greeters

Meeters & Greeters are allowed in the terminal building, subject to the following conditions:


2. Pick-up of arriving travellers at the terminal building

Pick-up by family/friends/taxi/e-hailing drivers are allowed at the terminal building for:

    • Domestic arrival travellers
    • International arrival travellers who have been granted with Home Surveillance Order (HSO) approval.
3. Operating airlines

There are no restrictions on flight operations. However, there are still restrictions imposed on international travel. You are advised to check with the respective airline companies on your flight schedules.

4. Travel documents
Source: Soya Cincau

Please ensure you have a valid passport and visa for any international travel. You may obtain the latest entry requirements via the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting or via the IATA Travel Centre. For domestic flights within Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah / Sarawak, all relevant documents must be the original. Copies are not accepted.

4.1 Application to ENTER/EXIT Malaysia (for non-Malaysians only)

I. Apply for MyTravelPass at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main. The application will be processed within 14 working days. Please refer to the website for the list of categories of travellers and the required documents for submission.

II. Remit payments for COVID-19 screening test and quarantine cost at https://safetravel.myeg.com.my/

III. Negative COVID-19 medical screening within 3 days of departure

4.2 Application to enter Sarawak

I. Apply for entry at https://entersarawak.socoe.co/register

II. Submit E-Health Declaration Form at https://ms.microweb.my/

4.3 Application to enter Sabah

I. Apply for entry at https://phednp.wixsite.com/website. The application will be processed within 7 working days. Please refer to the website for the list of categories of travellers and the required documents for submission.

II. Submit E-Health Declaration Form and Risk Declaration Form at https://sm.jknsabah.gov.my/HDF/hdf.php

5. Health checks & quarantine procedure

As per the announcement made by the government of Malaysia, inter-state travellers are encouraged to perform these precautionary measures before travelling:

TEST: Perform COVID-19 self-test if you have developed any symptoms 

REPORT: Update your MySejahtera app with the result of the test

ISOLATE: Perform self-quarantine if you are tested positive. Always adhere to Home Surveillance Order requirements by MoH

INFORM: Notify your close contact if you are tested positive

SEEK: Seek medical help from the nearest clinic or CAC if you are developing severe symptoms

4. Public transport services

All public transport operations (buses, taxi and e-hailing transport) to and from the airport are available and operational. Their operation hours and frequency are subject to guidelines issued by the authority. Passengers are advised to check on the service frequency with the respective service providers.

KLIA Ekpress (better known as ERL) and KLIA Transit service has resumed operations as a combined service at hourly intervals from Monday, 13 September 2021.



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  1. Flying out of Malaysia to United Kingdom need to pcr test? Double dose vaccinated with AZ and completed the 14 days from second dose.
    Booked test for UK done.
    Do we need to have pcr test 72 hours prior taking the flight – leaving on the 22nd Oct 2021 and would appreciate urgent reply to this.
    Thank you.
    Elena .

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