Report: Public urged to report foreigners found refuelling vehicles with RON95 petrol


KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — The Malaysian Petrol Station Operators Association has reportedly called on the public to report to the petrol stations if they see foreigners purchasing the RON95 petrol, which is subsidised by the Malaysian government for the use of locals.

Utusan Malaysia today quoted association president Datuk Khairul Annuar Abdul Aziz as saying that the cooperation of the public would help curb the issue, and reporting the matter would be better than taking pictures or making the issue go viral on social media.

“Now, Singaporeans use credit cards, so they can easily fill up RON95 petrol from the pump, but of course if the cashier sees it, they will stop it.

“Operators want to sell RON97 petrol if possible because sales are low and the cost of buying it is high, so it is illogical to encourage Singaporeans to fill up their tanks with RON95 petrol,” he reportedly told the Malay daily yesterday.

Khairul Annuar also reportedly said that if authorities find foreigners pumping RON95 petrol, action can only be taken against the petrol station operators.

He reportedly added that the enactment of an Act is very important to curb the issue, and so that not only operators are subject to action.

Source: Malay Mail


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