Stop, there’s a zebra crossing! Escaped beast roams Seoul streets

In this photo provided by a citizen, a zebra walks in a residential district in eastern Seoul after escaping from a nearby zoo, Thursday. Yonhap

SEOUL: A zebra escaped from a zoo in the South Korean capital Seoul on Thursday and wandered the streets of a residential district for three hours before being caught and taken home.

Bemused pedestrians looked on as the beast trotted past cars, wandered down a street and poked its nose in garbage bins, footage showed.

The zebra, named Sero, meaning vertical in Korean, had broken free from a zoo at the Seoul Children’s Grand Park.

Officials managed to trap the zebra and give it anesthetic muscle relaxants, Seoul Gwangjin Fire Station said. It was taken back to the zoo on the back of a pick-up truck, footage showed.

Video clips of Sero’s day out went viral on social media.

“Literally a zebra crossing” one tweet read.

Source: New Straits Times


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