Over 500 Orang Asli in Pos Lebir facing water supply woes

GUA MUSANG: About 500 Orang Asli residents in Kampung Pasir Linggi and Kampung Machang in Pos Lebir here have been suffering from water shortages for three weeks.

The residents claimed that the problem is caused by their tap water reservoir supply, which keeps drying up due to the hot weather, making the supply insufficient for daily use.

A resident, Amoi Latif, 55, said the situation has forced her to fetch water every day from the river, which is more than 500 metres away from her settlement.

“For three weeks we have been struggling with the problem, there is no water during the day and water only comes at night around midnight or 1 am. At midnight, we usually fetch water for cooking but it is still not enough because we do not have a big barrel to store water,” she said when met by reporters in Kampung Pasir Linggi, Pos Lebir.

Kampung Pasir Linggi headman Harun Ismail, said that the problem has worsened due to the increasing number of residents, but the water reservoir has not been developed according to the needs of the residents.

“There are residents who have to walk up to an hour to fetch water and even have to bathe in the murky Sungai Lebir because they have no other choice. The pipe water reservoir is not enough to meet the needs of our nearly 500 residents,” he said.

Meanwhile., Kelantan Agriculture, Agro-based industry, Biotechnology, Green Technology and Environment Committee chairman Tuan Mohd Saripudin Tuan Ismail said the state government views seriously the water shortage issue faced by the Orang Asli in the two villages.

“We will find ways to resolve the situation, among others place a bigger water tank or expand the water supply reservoir. I will raise their request through the Kelantan Water Supply Department so we can see how we can help solve this water supply problem,” he said. 

Source: The Star


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