Microsoft’s AI Copilot will be on hand to help in Windows

Microsoft is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to Windows 11, as well as to the Edge browser and the Microsoft Store.

At its Build 2023 conference, Microsoft confirmed that artificial intelligence remains more than ever at the heart of its development strategy. As part of this, the American company announced the launch of Windows Copilot for Windows 11, a centralized user assistance tool powered by artificial intelligence.

Windows Copilot can be launched at any time from a button on the taskbar. A side panel then opens, allowing the user to communicate with this intelligent assistant, whether to navigate the computer’s operating system or to customise it, to work with various documents (rewrite them, summarize them or simply explain them) or to ask any practical question.

A first preview of Windows Copilot, reserved for a few testers, will be available from June 2023. Ultimately, Copilot will also be able to support ChatGPT plug-ins, expanding its possibilities in many specific fields.

This AI-powered assistant will soon arrive natively in the Microsoft Edge browser, offering the same kind of services. Finally, artificial intelligence is also coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows, through a dedicated section.

The idea is to create a space specifically dedicated to AI, encouraging people to use its powers to boost their productivity and creativity. In particular, the Store will offer a selection of software based on artificial intelligence, whether for uses related to photography, video, audio, travel or other professional purposes. The rollout date for the Microsoft Store AI Hub has not been specified.

The Build 2023 event set the stage for many other announcements, including the integration of Bing into ChatGPT, or the launch of Fabric, a new unified data and analytics platform aimed at professionals. – AFP

Source: The Star


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