YouTube Korea to launch world’s first official shopping channel

(Photo by Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images)

SEOUL: YouTube Korea will launch its official shopping channel for live commerce later this month for the first time in the world, a YouTube Korea official told Yonhap News Agency, without providing details.

The new channel, set to open June 30, will provide a live commerce platform to companies and plans to livestream shopping content with about 30 brands.

This is the first time YouTube is opening an official shopping channel in any country in the world.

“YouTube is committed to building an engaging, informative and entertaining shopping experience for all users, including in Korea. To do this, we may experiment with various YouTube Shopping features from time to time as we continue to work hard to optimise and deliver the best experience for our users,” said the source.

Last year, YouTube rolled out a new shopping tab in its Explore section, allowing eligible creators to tag products in their livestreams or list products under their videos, and viewers to purchase those products.

During Alphabet Inc.’s fourth-quarter 2022 earnings call, Philipp Schindler, the chief business officer of the company, said Alphabet will focus on making YouTube more “shoppable”, as part of efforts to foster more creators, which will lead to more content and viewers, and ultimately more opportunities for advertisers. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and YouTube.

“It’s still nascent, but we see lots of potential and making it easier for people to shop from the creators, brands and content they love,” Schindler said.

Source: New Straits Times


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