Bella Astillah denies reconciling with estranged husband, Aliff Aziz

Malaysian artist Bella Astillah has rubbished rumours that she is reconciling with her estranged husband, Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz.

Talks of their supposed reconciliation surfaced after their divorce mention, initially set to take place today (June 4), got postponed to June 13.


In an interview with Berita Harian, Bella’s representative Azmi Mohd Rais said the hearing got postponed as the judge “wasn’t available”.

Bella, whose full name is Dayang Nabella Awang Astillah, also made it clear in an Instagram Story that she has no plans on reconciling with Aliff, 33.

“I have long moved on and am trying to live peacefully,” the 30-year-old said.

Bella added that she has been rejecting media interviews lately as she didn’t want to create speculations.

The singer-actress also urged all parties to stop making assumptions, listening to gossip and trusting clickbait headlines.

“If I give an answer, I’m wrong. If I don’t, I’m arrogant. If my representative answers, this is what happens. All the facts are distorted,” she lamented.

Bella’s younger sister Didi Astillah also expressed anger at the baseless speculations on social media.

In a TikTok live stream, the 27-year-old said: “How can they reconcile when they don’t even keep in contact with each other? The divorce is inevitable.”

Bella and Aliff, who share two children, got married in 2016.

The pair became a topic of public interest in March when religious authorities detained Aliff under suspicion of committing khalwat with local actress Ruhainies, 31.

Bella filed for a divorce from Aliff a few days later, but the Singaporean refused to divorce her during the hearing on April 4.

Aliff said in a more recent interview that he will give full cooperation at the next divorce hearing.

The actor previously admitted in a podcast that he cheated on Bella as his “soul felt empty”.

Bella and Aliff first divorced in 2019 after the latter was hit with cheating allegations. However, they reconciled in 2020.

Source: The Star


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