Revitalising KLIA: get ready for an exciting new era of travel

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Airports is all set to sprinkle some magic dust on KL International Airport (KLIA) with a game-changing makeover focused on making every passenger’s journey unforgettable.

Over the next three years, get ready for an array of incredible upgrades that will transform KLIA into a global travel superstar – ensuring your trips are smoother, quicker, and a whole lot more fun.

Here’s a sneak peek at the awesome improvements that will make your airport experience simply amazing.

Say goodbye to baggage blues and hello to a joyful aerotrain ride!

Get ready to breeze through baggage claims with KLIA’s cutting-edge baggage handling system. Thanks to Siemens Logistics’ super-efficient VarioTray technology, your bags will be delivered faster than ever.

Plus, with a brand-new early baggage storage system boasting a whopping 2,500 positions, you can rest easy knowing your luggage is in good hands. This system will work hand-in-hand with the self-service bag drop facilities, making check-in a total breeze.

And to top it all off, the arrival flow design is getting a fabulous makeover to ensure you zip through baggage reclaim carousels like a pro.

But wait, there’s more. 

KLIA’s Aerotrain is getting a snazzy upgrade too. The asset replacement plan will introduce three new Aerotrains with extra capacity, ensuring you glide effortlessly around the airport.

These sleek new trains, to be completed by January 31, 2025, will feature high-definition screens for announcements and entertainment, making your transit experience both smooth and entertaining. 

Check-in made easy with high-tech and handy mobile apps

Wave goodbye to long check-in lines. Malaysia Airports is rolling out advanced self-service facilities and supercharging its digital services. 

You can now breeze through check-in with biometric facial recognition, self-service check-in and bag drop options, and the revamped MYairports app.

This nifty app, launched in April 2022, offers live flight updates, indoor wayfinding, and a handy feedback feature called STARdesk to make sure any concerns you have are swiftly addressed.

Relax, unwind: new concept for the Centre Court Forest, refurbished prayer facilities

KLIA’s one-of-a-kind Centre Court Forest, currently known as the Jungle Boardwalk, will be going through an exciting revamp under the airport’s Commercial Reset programme. 

The Centre Court Forest will soon be home to luxury boutiques, premium dining spots, and a gorgeous open-space garden complete with water features, creating a serene and sophisticated escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Imagine sipping delicious coffee amidst a lush forest setting right inside the airport.

Plus, the airports in both Terminal 1 and 2 are getting a major upgrade to enhance comfort and convenience for users. Expect new lighting, plush carpets, improved water systems, and disabled-friendly ablution areas in all 65 prayer rooms.

With modern Islamic wall patterns, air purifiers, and privacy partitions at the entrance, your spiritual experience will be more peaceful and pleasant than ever.

Malaysia Airports is on a mission to deliver a world-class experience, focusing on operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Cutting-edge digital solutions and advanced technologies will keep things running smoothly, even during the transition. 

These spectacular developments highlight Malaysia Airports’ dedication to offering a top-tier travel experience. 

Look forward to smoother, more enjoyable journeys at KLIA, making every trip a memorable adventure. – June 22, 2024

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