Experience the Butterfly Effect with Malaysia Airports

Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? No, it’s not just a movie title. It’s a theory depicting how a small change in one state can make a big difference at a later state. This is especially true for people with hidden disabilities such as autism, that would prove to be challenging for them to navigate their way through an airport.

To ease passengers’ experience, Malaysia Airports has introduced autism-friendly facilities and services catered for its special guests, known as the Malaysia Airports Butterfly Effect.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can experience the Butterfly Effect:

  1. Click here to preregister before visit and flight.
  2. Proceed to the Airport CARE InfoCentre located at Level 5, Main Terminal Building, KLIA or Airport Information Counter located at Level 3, klia2 when travelling and pick-up the Butterfly Kit. Please remember to bring either an OKU card or a letter from any hospital or GP stating the hidden disability condition when collecting the Butterfly Kit which also includes the Butterfly Lanyard.
  3. For arriving passengers, please proceed to the Information Counter located near the Aerotrain stations at the Contact Pier to collect the Butterfly Kit.
  4. Wear the Butterfly Lanyard at all times while at the airport. This way, the passenger will be given access to all the priority lanes at the security, immigration and customs checkpoints.
  5. Airport passengers may keep the lanyard for their next visit to KLIA. However, please do register again at the Airport CARE InfoCentre.

Check out the beautiful sensory facilities available!

Calm Room

Need some time out with your children before the flight? There’s a safe haven available at Level 5, Main Terminal Building, KLIA, for parents to calm their children and prepare them for flights. Use the access code provided in the Butterfly Kit to enter the room. Parents are advised to accompany and supervise the child/charge in the calm room. Click here to view the locations of the Calm Room.

Sensory Wall

Interactive sensory walls are also set up at key touchpoints throughout KLIA, to pique passengers’ creative interests. You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic these little installations can be. Click here to view the locations of the Sensory Walls.

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Source: Malaysia Airports


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