MITI formulates SOPs for effective Business Continuity Plan

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 — The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has formulated a set of comprehensive, relevant and practical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enable the smooth flow of operations and ensure effective implementation of the Business Continuity Plans.

In a statement, MITI’s Senior Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said this is particularly for the duration of Movement Control Order (MCO), from Jan 13-26, 2021.

He said SOPs for the manufacturing sector under the purview of MITI can be downloaded from the MITI website at www.miti.gov.my.

Companies that have registered with MITI’s COVID-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS) through the link https://notification.miti.gov.my do not need to re-register to operate during the MCO period.

These companies are only required to download the notification of registration confirmation, beginning today, Jan 12, starting from 3.00 pm.

Manufacturing companies which fall under the essential services category that have not registered with CIMS can do so at the link https://notification.miti.gov.my from 3.00 pm today.

The registration confirmation notification can be downloaded by the company upon completion of registration.

“The aforementioned process of registration (via CIMS) only applies to companies in the manufacturing sector under the purview of MITI.

“It is the responsibility of the employer to download the registration confirmation notification in order to enable the movement of their employees during the MCO period,” said Mohamed Azmin.

Employees of the company who are allowed to be at work according to the specified times are required to bring along a copy of the notification provided by the employer, together with the employee pass / employer confirmation letter.

This is to facilitate the movement of commercial vehicles as well as the movement of workers between residence and work place, he said.

Meanwhile, in line with the objective of curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 30 percent of employees in the management group are allowed to be in the office.

The number of support staff and employees directly involved in the production line will be determined by their respective employers, taking into account strict compliance with the SOP.

“For work that does not require physical attendance, the Work From Home (WFH) directive will apply.

“The government calls on the industry and the private sector to enhance the implementation of WFH as a new norm, in line with the advances of the latest technologies and online applications,” Mohamed Azmin said.

MITI, in collaboration with the relevant state authorities, will conduct periodic enforcement checks throughout the MCO period on companies to ensure compliance with SOPs in accordance with the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act (Act 342).

Employers who fail to comply with the SOP will be subject to legal action, including closure of premises, he said.

The senior minister also said MITI has also provided a list of frequently asked questions to assist the industry in obtaining detailed and accurate information on SOPs set by the government to enable the manufacturing sector to operate during the MCO period.

The goverment is allowing economic sectors in the essential services to operate throughout MCO period in Penang, Selangor, Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Labuan), Melaka, Johor and Sabah.

Mohamed Azmin noted that the six states under MCO are the main drivers of the country’s economic activities and major contributors to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

In 2019, Selangor’s contribution to the nation’s GDP stood at 24.2 per cent, Federal Territories (16.9 per cent), Johor (9.4 per cent), Penang (6.7 per cent), Sabah (6.0 per cent), and Melaka (3.1 per cent).



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