Look Out LEGO Fans! IKEA X LEGO’s ‘BYGGLEK’ Collection Drops In Malaysia In March

The ‘BYGGLEK’ collection, which was launched in Singapore last week, saw crowds of customers lining up to get their hands on it, according to 8 DaysThe collection quickly sold out days before they were meant to be sold online.

A spokesperson for IKEA told AsiaOne, “We thank everyone for their love and enthusiasm towards the BYGGLEK collection, however, it’s sold out for now.” The company noted that it’s looking into restocking in March.

Image via IKEA

Earlier this month, IKEA teased us with a video announcing that the collection will also be launched in Malaysia in March

The BYGGLEK collection is a ‘playful storage solution’ that consists of four different products:
– one set of three small boxes,
– two sets of bigger boxes, and
– one set of LEGO bricks.

The boxes have LEGO studs allowing you to stick your LEGO pieces on them, similar to an extra LEGO play table. 

Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA

Aside from being a building platform, both children and adults can use the storage boxes as a place to store LEGO pieces or display them as sculptures. “It’s a possibility to play, display the cool creations, and return to it to replay, remake, recreate, or start over,” read its statement.

The boxes can also be stacked on top of each other and fixed in place because of the LEGO studs. It’s basically multipurpose and a way to inject fun into tidying and organising at home.

Image via IKEA

Since the announcement that the collection is coming to Malaysia, several people have expressed their excitement


NGL, we can’t wait either.

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