SEA’s most anticipated Genting SkyWorlds theme park targeted to open in mid 2021

Previously known to open as “20th Century Fox”, it will now open as Genting SkyWorlds some time in the second quarter of this year.

A virtual press conference on Feb. 23 revealed that park-goers can look forward to nine movie and adventure-inspired worlds:

  • Eagle Mountain
  • Central Park
  • Liberty Lane
  • Robots Rivet Town
  • Andromeda Base
  • Ice Age
  • Studio Plaza
  • Epic
  • Rio

The outdoor park, which spans 26 acres, will have a total of 26 rides and attractions such as roller coasters and water rides.

For comparison, Universal Studios Singapore spans about 49 acres and features 28 rides, shows and attractions.

Themed retail, dining, and entertainment experiences will also be available throughout Genting Skyworlds.

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Will Finally Open In 2021! Here's A Sneak Peek  | TRP

RWG is working with 20th Century Studios, which is owned by Disney.

Some rides and attractions will feature films and franchises from 20th Century Studios such as “Ice Age” and “Night at the Museum”, while others will feature original intellectual properties from Genting.

RWG is also working with Alibaba to introduce a virtual queue solution that allows park-goers to reserve attractions in advance.

Check out this teaser video below for what it will look like!


RM3.23 billion invested into park

US$800 million (RM3.23 billion) has been invested into the park.

RWG’s head of business operations and strategies, Lee Thiam Kit, believes that the park will be a “key contributor to the Malaysian economy”.

Lee added that, “going forward, when we open, there will be jobs created and the park will add economic activity directly and indirectly, as well as give a boost to tourism in Malaysia and Pahang.”

Lee also said that RWG is “committed” to opening the park despite the movement control order (MCO) and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re committed to this park and we will see to it that it opens, barring unforeseen circumstances.”

Are you excited for this new theme park to open? We bet you are! For more information, make sure you keep a lookout on their website here and also follow Resorts World Genting on social media! Who’s your adventure buddy? Tag them in the comment section below! Bye for now!

For more information, please visit https://www.gentingskyworlds.com/


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