Dry skin due to hot weather? Here’s what you can do!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes our skin feels so dry?

Hot and humid conditions can dry up the skin. You may also sweat more during hotter days, leading to dehydration.

Our bodies are made of 70% water, which keeps our cells plump and healthy! So when your body sweats a lot, you are actually losing water, which causes your body and your skin to get dehydrated.

Here’s what you can do about dry skin, according to Everyday Health.

1. Warm Shower

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\Try to shower or bathe in warm, not hot water. However, limit your showers and baths time to 10 minutes, just enough to clean your body! A long hot shower may sound great after a long day at work, soaking can strip your skin of its protective oils.

Then, pat – don’t rub, your body dry with a soft towel. 

2. Stay Hydrated!

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You might not feel thirsty, but you lose water through your skin every day, whether it’s hot or raining outside. Even if you’re not sweating, you still need to drink water. Not drinking water causes our body (and skin!) to get dehydrated, which could make us look and feel shriveled. 

3. Eat the right foods

Your body needs fat, but the good ones!

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Eating foods that contain “good fats”, or Omega-3 fatty acids, can help replenish your skin’s natural fats and keep it looking smooth and supple. Some great Omega-3 rich foods include oily fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Or if you don’t like fish, you can try tofu, walnuts, or soybeans!

4. Wearing the wrong clothes?

Blue Denim Jeans Beside Black and White Converse All Star High Top SneakersYes, you read that right! Even the wrong type of clothes can cause your skin to dry up.

Scratchy fibers like wool can aggravate dry skin, especially for those who have sensitive skin or eczema rashes. Wear cotton, silk or other soft and smooth fabrics instead, because these natural fibers help your skin “breathe”.

Stay hydrated, and take care, everyone! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat

This article first appeared on Syok


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