5 restaurants to order halal steamboat delivery in KL

Don’t you miss the simple pleasures of catching up with friends and bonding over a hotpot feast?

The heavenly flavour of simmering broth coupled with your favourite meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles sounds wonderful on any day.

While your monthly steamboat date may be on hold for the time being, you can still recreate the experience at home with your loved ones.

The best part? It’s halal and Muslim-friendly.

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with these restaurants.

1. Ili Pot

Celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman spreads her love for steamboat by creating her first Halal hotpot delivery and grill service. With Ili Pot, expect a seamless experience from the moment you place your order. Apart from desired sets and soup bases – such as Creamy Chicken Garlic, Pho-Dap, Soy Chanko Nabe, Thom Yum, Korean Jjigae, Mi So Spicy and Mala – you will also be receiving essentials like the pot, grill, burner and more, all packed neatly in a bag. The best part? You get to keep them, so you can reorder with ease.



2. Gogopot delivery

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Treat your family to a hearty steamboat dinner this weekend. It matters not if you are a lover of meat or seafood because you can have both, and remember to add on appetising sides upon checkout. Select the Seafood Combo Campur 2 in 1 package, or combine the steamboat and BBQ for a feast at home. You also get to keep the steamboat pot afterward.

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3. Pak John Steamboat & BBQ

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Affordable yet delectable, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ offers a whopping 160 ingredients to choose from. On top of the ready-to-eat steamboat catering for two, which comes in four bento boxes, their Bondaku Bidadariku set makes for a lip-smacking feast. It is arrayed with a generous selection of meats, seafood, rice and drinks. Kick back and enjoy the mini banquet at home.

Order yours through GrabfoodFoodPanda or Maynuu.

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4. Family'SS Steamboat & Grill

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Leave Family’SS and its expansive menu to fulfil all your needs. Pick from a soup base, mains (consisting of rice, lauk pauk, and noodles), vegetables, meats and seafood for a soul-satisfying experience. In addition, fruits and desserts are provided for sweet endings.

Contact the number below to make your order.

Phone: +6012-678-7749 / +6017-878-7756

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5. Suki-Ya

May be an image of 1 person, food and text that says 'aliments UNLIMTED TOROS kitkat_nelfei'A favourite of ours; Suki-Ya offers delivery throughout MCO. With the Sukiya special, it caters anywhere from two to eight. You will receive your choice of proteins (beef, lamb and chicken) and vegetables. If you’re not into beef, rest assured you can swap it out prior to checking out. There are also udon noodles, garlic rice and dipping sauces put together for you.

Place your order on Aliments or Beepit.

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