Lazada transactions grow due to Covid-19, digital migration

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KUALA LUMPUR: An accelerated move to digital has seen Lazada’s annual active consumers consistently heightened, with over 150 million monthly average users and growth in nearly 100 per cent year-on-year (YoY) on its online transactions.

Lazada Group chief executive officer Chun Li said brands, retailers and shopping malls had adapted to this new reality, with many of them migrating online. 

Chun said this was something that would have eventually happened, but had been accelerated by the pandemic. 

“At Lazada, our annual active consumers are more than 110 million. Traffic has consistently increased, with over 150 million monthly average users and our online transactions have grown nearly 100 per cent YoY. 

“Our active customer base of LazMall and their purchase frequency also continues to grow steadily. New buyers to LazMall doubled YoY. Their purchase value is twice that of our average buyer on the platform,” he said at Lazada’s second edition of LazMall Brands Future Forum (BFF) 2021. 

Lazada held its second edition of LazMall BFF 2021 on September 1 with the theme “Rising to the future: Southeast Asia’s Digital Commerce”.

Chun said innovation, creativity, cutting-edge technology and stunning customer experiences have continued to transform ecommerce, resulting in a great online migration, with over 70 per cent of the Southeast Asia’s population now using the internet. 

He said in just three years, LazMall had grown to house over 32,000 local and international brands, with a high-quality customer base who are willing to spend more to purchase from brands they know and love, as well as discovering new brands on the platform. 

“New buyers on the LazMall channel nearly doubled YoY and the value of purchases made by LazMall customers is twice that of an average buyer on the Lazada platform. 

“With increased consumer trust and confidence when purchasing higher value items, LazMall Prestige launched as a premium offering across the region, giving shoppers access to renowned brands like Bacha Coffee, Bang and Olufsen, Coach, La Mer, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lazada Group head of strategic accounts and retail James Chang said as online retail grows, adoption of a long-term digital commerce strategy that is unique to each brand is key. 

“To ensure success, Lazada offers fully customised business and marketing tools and solutions, tailored to the needs of each brand and their customers,” said Chang.  

As part of celebrating LazMall’s third anniversary, and counting down to the 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale (the first of Lazada’s year-end mega campaigns) the event also presented the second BFF Awards Ceremony. 

The BFF Awards 2021 honoured nine top performing and innovative global and Southeast Asian brands on the LazMall channel with The Estée Lauder Companies taking home the most coveted award LazMall Brand of the Year, and Samsung winning the Best Brand Partnership Award.

The Awards celebrates excellence demonstrated within the online retail landscape, the agility in adapting business strategies in an ever-evolving commerce environment, as well as constant creativity in seeking fun and interactive ways to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences.

Source: New Straits Times


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