I-Bhd, Huawei join hands to reinvent next generation of smart city

(From left) Eu, Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong executive chairman of I-Bhd, Madius, Jack Jiang Hong vice-president for Enterprise Business Group of Huawei and Lim at the the strategic partnership signing a ceremony. (Photo by I-Bhd)

PETALING JAYA (Jan 21): I-Bhd is partnering with Huawei Enterprise Malaysia (Huawei) to reinvent the next generation of smart city in its flagship development — i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The next generation of i-City, according to I-Bhd chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong in a statement, involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancements — converging smart home, smart city and property technology to create better value for people living, working and visiting the city.

“Imagine visiting a vibrant city with busy ongoing economic activities minus the traffic congestion. Imagine being able to commute seamlessly with autonomous buses that arrive on time. Imagine a city that is able to work together with enforcement units for crime prevention before crime happens. Imagine moving into an office that has all the AI infrastructure in place for the company’s growth and resource planning purposes, that is the kind of ultrapolis i-City aims to be in the future,” Kim Hong said.

Meanwhile, I-Bhd executive director and chief technology officer Ricky Lim said that with the implementation of the AI enhancements, property owners will get to enjoy more efficient buildings, residents and visitors — more convenient lifestyles, while businesses — super broadband efficiency and services with very low redundancies.

The property developer, he added, has been unwavering in its mission to create better value for its stakeholders through smarter technologies.

Since its conceptualisation in 2008, I-Bhd paid attention to not only architectural elements but also how digital technologies can be woven into its construction fabrics, such as all the homes were fitted with fibre optics and established the first integrated certified Tier-3 ready data centre in its flagship development i-City.

I-Bhd chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong (left) and Huawei Enterprise Malaysia managing director David Li (right).

“With the government rolling out 5G this year, we will see a surge in usage of internet-enabled devices. Residents will want to use smartphones to manage internet-enabled devices at home and enjoy surrounding amenities such as hotels, mall, i-City Theme Park and later, our very own autonomous feeder buses. Businesses on the other hand will want to utilise AI for decision making, security and work efficiency.”

“Hence, there will be an exponential increase in data consumption. To cater to that explosion of data traffic, now is the right time to set up two new hyperscale data centres, each occupying 100,000 sq ft space within the ultrapolis,” Ricky said, adding that the next generation of i-City will make all the infrastructures for AI utility available on demand to residents and businesses.

Commenting on the partnership, Huawei managing director David Li said the focus will be to develop the technology and infrastructure.

“We will be working on developing the technology and infrastructure needed to support the bandwidth required in bringing together disparate data from millions of smart internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, CCTVs and sensors among others, make sense of these data with advanced analytics technology and then implementing AI and machine learning for decisioning feedback within seconds for i-City to run seamlessly,” Li shared.

Source: The Edge Markets


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