In Johor, woman loses RM180,000 in cash, valuables and car in gold investment scam

PASIR GUDANG, May 25 — A 43-year-old woman recently fell victim to an investment scam after losing more than RM180,000 worth of cash and valuables to a male friend who acted as her agent.

It is understood that the victim had invested her savings, valuables, and also her car in the gold and cash investment scheme that promised a 5 per cent weekly return.

Seri Alam police chief Mohd Sohaimi Ishak said the victim started investing her cash and valuables in the scheme in August last year after it was offered to her by the male suspect who was described as her old friend.

He said the victim was keen on the investment scheme as it offered good returns and had since invested about RM260,000 in cash, valuables and her personal car from August to October last year.

“The victim has since received RM80,000 which was part of the returns from last August to February of this year.

“However, the returns stopped after February and the victim’s male friend gave various excuses before he failed to be contacted.

“The victim believed she was cheated as there was a balance of RM180,000 of her investments that she failed to get back,” said Mohd Sohaimi in a statement today.

Mohd Sohaimi said initial investigations revealed that the suspect acted as the victim’s agent where the cash was transferred to his personal account, while the valuables and car were personally handed to him.

“Police have initiated investigations under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

“Investigators are also probing the involvement of the mule account and action will be taken against the account owner,” he said.

Mohd Sohaimi advised the public not to be easily duped in such investment schemes that offered unrealistic returns.

He urged the public to verify the particular account through the police’s commercial crime scam alert platforms before proceeding with any type of transaction.

Source: Malay Mail


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