Perak domestic water tariff set at 75sen per cubic meter effective May 1, says MB

IPOH: The new water tariff for domestic use in Perak will be at 75 sen per cubic meter, says Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad.

The Perak Mentri Besar said the new rate, which sees an increase of 5sen, would be enforced starting May 1.

Saarani said the increase of 5sen involves the use of up to 20 cubic meters per month while the charge for the use of 21 to 35 cubic meters is set at a rate of RM1.08, compared to RM1.03 previously.

“To reduce the impact of tariff changes on domestic users, the Perak Water Board (LAP) provides a rebate of 40sen per cubic meter for the use of up to the first 10 cubic meters per month, which would be about RM4.00 per month.

“With the rebate, the average tariff rate for the use of up to 20 cubic meters can be reduced to only 55sen per cubic meter compared to 75sen without the rebate,” he said in a statement on Thursday (apr 18).

“With an increase of 5sen, the new water tariff rate set for water in Perak is much lower than the average rate of 22sen set by the National Water Services Commission (SPAN),” he added.

Several states have already announced new water tariffs following the decision by the Cabinet to approve the implementation for the water supply rate adjustment for domestic category and imposing electricity charges that was enforced on Feb 1.

These included Terengganu and Melaka with an increase of 16sen per cubic meter, Selangor (50sen), Kelantan (23sen), Johor (25sen), Negri Sembilan (16sen to 24sen) and Penang (28sen).

Saarani said the minimum charge for domestic use is RM7.50 before taking into account the rebate.

“After taking into account the rebate, the minimum charge is RM3.50 compared to the current rate of RM3.

“The setting of the new tariff, however, does not affect the free water program of 25 cubic meters per month for the target group and the free water programme of 20 cubic meters for houses of worship,” he said.

“For non-domestic users, the increase is 5sen per cubic meter of consumption,” he added.

Saarani said the new rate is set for the first after 18 years when the last amendment was made in 2006.

“The state has decided that LAP should take advantage of the new tariff setting to improve the quality of its services including replacing old pipes and improving maintenance aspects.

“LAP needs sufficient funds to finance improvement programmes, including building water treatment plants especially in new development areas,” he said.

Source: The Star


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