Public reminded to dispose of face masks, Covid-19 self-test kits safely and properly

JOHOR BARU: The public has been reminded to dispose of their Covid-19 home self-test kits and face masks safely to avoid putting the health of waste collectors at risk.

Waste management concessionaire SWM Environment Sdn Bhd issued a statement on Tuesday (Aug 17), reminding home users to disinfect the used kit before placing it back into its original packaging and disposing the item properly in a rubbish bin.

“As new variants of Covid-19 continue to emerge, we have to be extra careful and ensure the safety of our employees while carrying out their waste collection and disposal tasks.

“The public is also reminded to throw away their used face masks mindfully instead of discarding them anywhere and everywhere as this exposes the virus not only to rubbish collectors but also to others,” it said.

SWM Environment added that it would continue raising awareness among its employees about waste management measures related to Covid-19 such the disposal of home self-test kits and face masks through its Let’s Work Safely campaign.

“Apart from that, efforts were made to ensure that the workers are equipped with personal protective equipment and maintain personal hygiene while on duty,” it said, adding that the waste collection vehicles would be disinfected upon completing a collection cycle.


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