Toyota celebrates 50mil corollas sold worldwide

KUALA LUMPUR: Japanese carmaker Toyota has sold 50 million units of its Corolla model worldwide with 300,000 sold in the Malaysian market to date.

President of UMW Toyota Motor Ravindran K said the success of the model was due to it being a new standard of automotive excellence in this class of cars, offering customers a dynamic and advanced sedan with luxurious styling.

“Each generation, right from the very first, has been a contributor in the brand transformation. From the first generation which began the motorisation for the masses to the latest generation which was the basis of the transformation, the Corolla has always been in sync with the changes in society and the economy of Malaysia,” he said in a statement.

In the 55 years that the Corolla has been around, its continued popularity has proven that the basic philosophy behind the models is valid.

However, the original design has evolved over the generations to meet changing tastes and lifestyles of Malaysian customers, the company said.– BERNAMA

Source: New Straits Times


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